About Me


I am currently Director and Chief Scientist Officer of my consulting company YourResearchProject Pty Ltd and an Adjunct Professor in several universities in Australia and overseas.

My 35-year professional history, particularly the last 20 years in executive roles, is unique, as I alternated employments in academia and industry sectors in Australia, Canada and Europe.

Altogether, these experiences have contributed to refine unique personal and professional skills that combine building resources, sharing knowledge and creating impact worldwide.

Recognition by my peers

Recognition worldwide including presentations in 121 events in 20 countries and over 160,000 views and +90,000 downloads in over 60 countries from free-access repositories.

Build Resources

My role in the development of bionic limbs starts with finding sufficient resources. For me, this means:

  • Form strategic collaborations for other experts in the field,
  • Attract competitive grant funding from national and international bodies and finally,
  • Run large-scale consultancy projects on behalf of clients invested in the field.


As scientist, I have collaborated with:

  • 270 collaborators including professionals working in a wide range of occupations
  • 95 organizations in Australia and overseas
  • 45 (47%) universities or research institutions
  • 13 (14%) care providers
  • 28 (29%) industrials
  • 13 (14%) “industry partners” supporting grant proposal    


As investigator, I have been responsible for:

  • 83 competitive grant applications
  • 35 ($3.2M) grants awarded
  • 42% overall rate of success with grant applications
  • 72 (90%) grants amongst the first three investigator, including 34 successful grants ($2.9M)
  • 43 (54%) grants as the first investigator, including 22 successful grants


As consultant, I have led and managed:

  • +70 large-scale consultancy projects of research
  • +25 clients including +70 collaborators in 23 countries

Share Knowledge

My role in the development of bionic limbs continues with sharing the outcomes of my research. For me, this means:

  • Publish regularly in top-ranked peer reviewed scientific journals,
  • Present in national and international events and conferences,
  • Lecture to undergraduate and post-graduate students,
  • Participate in the supervision of students,
  • Review articles about bionic limbs submitted to top-ranked scientific journals.
John Pires Edited-23ce


As an author, I have published:

  • +220 publications including 86 articles, 120 abstracts, 2 book chapters, 5 books
  • 185 (81%) publications as senior author
  • 124 (54%) publications as a first author
  • 52 (65%) articles in above Q2 journals
  • 37 (46%) articles in Q1 journals                                    


As a speaker, I have presented in:

  • 110 events in 50 cities across 19 countries
  • 71 events an invited speaker in 32 cities across 15 countries


As a lecturer, I have taught:

  • in 3 universities across 3 continents
  • in teaching-intensive and research-intensive universities
  • Biomechanics, Adapted Physical Activities and Performance Analysis
  • +1,100 hours of lectures
  • Units achieving consistently a student satisfaction rate over 80%                                                


As a supervisor, I have been involved with the supervision of:

  • 42 domestic and overseas students Australia, Canada, Belgium and UK.
  • 22 (50%) postgraduate students (i.e., 3 postdocs, 12 PhDs, 6 Masters)
  • 22 (50%) undergraduate students.
  • 30 students as principal or co-supervisor including 13 (62%) postgraduate


As a reviewer, I have:

  • Accepted to review 98 articles
  • Received over 178 legitimate invitations to review scientific manuscripts
  • Received invitations from 65 legitimate journals, including Nature other top-ranked reviews

Create Impact Worldwide

My last, but most critical, role in the development of bionic limbs is to generate impact around my research work worldwide. For me, this means:

  • Stimulate citations in the field of bionic limbs, prosthetics and beyond,
  • Generate high volume of downloads of my publications from fee-access repositories,
  • Attract followers on main social media to share outcomes with stakeholders.
John Pires Edited-19e

As an expert, the promotion of my work generated:

  • +4,500 citations in scientific articles
  • H-Index ranging between 20 to 29 and i10-Index of 60
  • +160,000 downloads from free repositories (Mendeley, ResearchGate, ePrint: +91K)
  • +30,000 followers on LinkedIN
  • +5,000 Friends on FaceBook.


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Two page resume.

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