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I am responsible for a total of over 156 publications, including 4 books/monographs, 2 book chapters, 42 articles, 98 abstracts, 5 research reports and 5 other publications. 

Indeed, I have been the first, second or last author of 81% (126) of these publications, including 51% (80) as a first author.

A total of 82% (27) of my articles were published in above Q2 journals while 58% (19) were published in Q1 journals.

Number of downloads from free depository (e.g., ePrint, archipel, USC research bank) is over 40,000.

Overview of cumulated number of publications including articles, abstracts and other publications (e.g. books, book chapters, research reports).


Google Scholar citations


  • Starting year: 1996
  • Up to: 29/01/2018
  • Number of items considered: 149
  • Sum of the Times Cited: 1,700
  • H-index: 20



  • Starting year: 1996
  • Up to: 03/01/2018
  • Number of items considered: 31
  • Sum of the Times Cited: 503
  • H-index: 14
  • i10-Index: 34



  • Starting year: 2013
  • Number of items considered: 97
  • Number of reads: 5,046, 
  • Number of citations: 648 
  • RG score: 25.29
  • H-index: 15
  • i10-Index: 12

Cumulated number of articles published in each SJR category


The position of each author within the byline of these publications was established according to the guideline provided in the literature [Tscharntke, T., M.E. Hochberg, T.A. Rand, V.H. Resh, and J. Krauss, Author sequence and credit for contributions in multiauthored publications. PLoS Biology, 2007. 5(1): p. 13-14]. Typically, the most contributing authors where represented in the first, second and last position. The first author was systematically the writer and the person the most responsible for the development of the material presented in the publication.


Frossard L. Innovations of health services and economic evaluation of bone-anchored prosthesis using osseointegration: the Queensland Artificial Limb Service’s experience. Ed: YourResearchProject. 2018. ISBN: 978-0-646-98338-7. pp 16. In pres..

Book chapters

Neumann E, Frossard L, Ramos M, Bidwell K. Prosthesis: Load Cell Applicability to Outcome Measurement. Chapt. 6 Vol 121 p. 133-172 of Advances in Medicine and Biology. 2017. Nova Science Publishers, New York. Frossard L, O’Riordan A, Goo..


Frossard L, Merlo G, Burkett B, Quincey T, Berg D. Cost-effectiveness of bone-anchored prostheses using osseointegrated fixation: myth or reality? Prosthetics and Orthotics International. 2017. Online First. Vertriest S, Pather S, Sondergeld P, ..

Abstracts (Refereed)

Frossard L, Berg D, Merlo G, Quincey T, Burkett B. Governmental Perspective on Fair and Equitable Provision of Bone-anchored Prostheses: Barriers and Facilitators. XVIth International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) World Congress. 2017..

Abstracts (Non-refereed)

Frossard L, Merlo G, Quincey T, Burkett B, Berg D. The Queensland Health’s experience in provision of bone-anchored prostheses: the hidden treasure of health services and economic evaluations. University of the Sunshine Coast Research Showcas..

Scientific reports

Frossard L. New evidence confirming the concept of floating skeleton. O&P Business News - Clinical news perspective. 2015. July 2015. Access this article (http://www.healio.com/orthotics-prosthetics/prosthetics/news/print/o-and-p-news/{8c96..