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High level of organisation and administrative skills

Self-developments of organisational skills

  • I had opportunities to self-develop some organisational skills at the young age while I was combining regular schooling with training as an elite athlete in Judo.
  • I refined these skills when I self-financed my university studies by working part-time. These skills enabled me to complete my doctoral study within 3 years between two institutions in Canada and France while working full time as Lecturer in Biomechanics.

Effective organisational and administrative skills

  • I like to make sure that the resources I allocate and assign to an academic task or goal, particularly with regards to timelines, are adequate. This self-discipline enables me to manage the quality of my work by finding the optimal balance between time, budget and scope associated with a task.
  • My ability to meet deadlines is exemplary. For example, I have lodged every single grant on time, although it was sometimes a challenge to get the certification for five industry partners located in Australia and overseas.
  • I believe that the key strategy to meet deadlines relies on:
    • Setting realistic milestones,
    • Setting the deadlines in agreement with the resources (human, financial, equipment),
    • Monitoring regularly the progress in relation to milestones.

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