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  • I have developed collaborations and/or partnerships with 96 organizations including 39 (41%) in Australia and 56 (59%) in 18 countries overseas to support my research and/or business activities, including 45 (47%) universities or research institutions, 28 (29%) care providers, 13 (14%) industrials, 9 (9%) sport institutions. 
  • I have managed to attract a total of 30 organizations in 7 countries involved in health care (14), industry (12), sport (3), university/research and/or business (3) who contributed as industry partners and/or clients .
  • I have been involved with more than 270 collaborators (e.g., 120 co-authors of publications, 54 co-investigators in grants applications, 36 co-supervisors of students and 48 clients of YourResearchProject).including: 
    • A front line team of 200 collaborators including professionals working in a wide range of occupations (i.e., Biomechanists, Clinicians, Coaches, Educators, Engineers, Physiotherapists, Prosthetists, Scientists, Sport administrators, Statisticians, Surgeons, Technicians).
    • A back line team of over 70 staffs including postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, research fellows, technicians, statisticians, students, etc

Distribution of 96 organizations support my research and/or business activities.


    Here, the term “collaboration” describes an organization that has signed a formal agreement with the host organization of the Protamine and/or Parashot project (e.g., research agreement, exchange of data, copyright agreements). Most of the “developing” collaborations will become active once a formal agreement will be in place.