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Book chapters

  • Neumann E, Frossard L, Ramos M, Bidwell K. Prosthesis: Load Cell Applicability to Outcome Measurement. Chapt. 6 Vol 121 p. 133-172  of Advances in Medicine and Biology. 2017. Nova Science Publishers, New York.
  • Frossard L, O’Riordan A, Goodman S. Applied biomechanics for evidence-based training of Australian elite seated throwers. "Sport for Persons with a Disability” Perspectives, The Multidisciplinary Series of Physical Education and Sport Science. Publisher: International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education. 2006. 7. p 175-198


The position of each author within the byline of these publications was established according to the guideline provided in the literature [Tscharntke, T., M.E. Hochberg, T.A. Rand, V.H. Resh, and J. Krauss, Author sequence and credit for contributions in multiauthored publications. PLoS Biology, 2007. 5(1): p. 13-14]. Typically, the most contributing authors where represented in the first, second and last position. The first author was systematically the writer and the person the most responsible for the development of the material presented in the publication.

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