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I am an expert in the development of biomechanical tools for evidence-based practice including:

  • Fixed instruments (e.g., 3D motion analysis systems with active or passive makers or markerless, force-plates). This expertise has led to setup of gait laboratory equipment. My arrival in several organizations (e.g., QUT, UQAM, CRME) has coincided with the setting of new motion analysis laboratories (e.g., gait, performance analysis). In particular, I have been involved in fitting these laboratories with force-plates and tridimensional motion analysis systems

  • Wearable instruments (e.g., portable motion systems, instrumented prosthetic limb). I was indeed one of the first researchers using portable load transducer embedded into a prosthetic limb to perform ecological measurement of the actual load applied on residuum during activities of daily living.

  • Software (e.g., Matlab, LabView, SigmaPlot, Excel). I have developed a suite of program with Matlab to anlysis and report all inner prosthetic loading characteristics. I have also created the most comprehensive data base to record, analyze and report clinical benefits and harms of surgical procedures (e.g., Clinical outcomes registries), 

  • Outcomes including key performance and clinical indicators as well as wide range of publications for general public (e.g., media, social networks), specific groups of interest (e.g., presentations to group of interest, seminar, technical reports) and scientific community (e.g., Books, articles, abstracts).

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