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I have been the Director and Chief Scientist Officer of my consulting company, named YourResearchProject Pty Ltd, since 2013.

YourResearchProject Pty Ltd helps academics, clinicians and industrials to boost their research outputs by providing customised hands-on advice and practical tools to:

  • Plan research projects (e.g., outline best practice in research, scout research opportunities, conduct market review, identify translational research opportunities, articulate research activities with business developments, build successful relationships with organisations in public and/or private sectors, develop partnerships with industry, identify needs for cross-sector expertise promote future-focused thinking, establish funding strategies, conduct strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats (SWOT) analyses, investigate products and/or services, create project charter, elaborate project scope, identify stakeholders, assemble teams, facilitate relationships between stakeholders, establish roles and responsibilities, identify milestones, allocate resources, evaluate risks, perform financial planning, generate budget, protect and exploit intellectual property, create activity reports),
  • Collect data (e.g., determine eligibility criterion, calculate cohort size, define recruitment strategy, set-up data recording procedure, measure accuracy and precision, implement data recording quality control, create data flow charts, create data collection form, build databases, estimate staff workload),
  • Analyse results (e.g., build databases, generate statistical analyses, extract statistical power, graph research outcomes, highlight key outcomes, create reports, estimate staff workload),
  • Write publications (e.g., establish publication strategy, choose publication outlet, select best review, pre-submission review, create final figures and tables, draft scientific article, write articles and abstracts, submit articles, address reviewers feedback), and
  • Promote research outputs (e.g., run networking events, establish communication strategy, capitalise on exposure, increase visibility, reach out decision makers, make the best of social media, maximise citations, explain bibliometrics).

Also, YourResearchProject Pty Ltd provides specific training in key research skills (e.g., Write scientific publications, basic and advanced research project management).

For more information visit YourResearchProject website.

I also worked as consultant for various organizations focusing on a wide range and health-related issues such as: design of orthopedic implants, online medical education, teaching innovative procedural skills, implementation of new allied health role, hospital service innovation and health economics of orthopedic procedures.