My commitment as an educator has been consistent for the last 25 years, particularly on all topics related to Biomechanics and Research Methods.

  • As a supervisor, my role is to establish clear roles and expectations, encourage two‐way communication, value high level of trust with regards for confidentiality and planning of timeline with realistic workload set by governing authorities. 

  • As an educator, I develop curricula to increase students’ employability, improve students’ satisfaction and facilitate learning experience while complying with accreditation bodies. 

  • As course and unit coordinator, I make sure that all tasks to be performed before, during and after the cession are delivered on time, on budget, as specified and with added-value.

  • As lecturer, I am committed to apply innovative and efficient teaching techniques, use flexible delivery of courses, challenge students without unrealistic expectations, be available for the students outside of scheduled times, update continuously my learning material and to value student feedback.

  • Also, I have been an educator outside of academia as Manager of the Research, Development and Evaluation for Med-e-Serv/PrimEd when I planned, develop, implement, deliver and review over 30 online educational programs health professionals. As an evaluator, I established the efficacy of these courses by looking at levels of satisfaction, learning, on-the-job changes, impact on organization and return on investment.

  • More recently, I have effectively mentored over 40 professionals including academics, clinicians and engineers as the Chief Scientist Officer at YourResearchProject.