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My roles as team leader


I am responsible for all academic developments of the project, such as: seeking funds, publishing the outcomes, bringing experts, training students, sharing the outcomes within and outside academia, etc.


I am also responsible for the management of the resources allocated to this research (e.g., budget, personals, equipment) to meet the deadlines while sustaining the scope of the overall project and each sub-project.


By essence, the PROTAMINE project is multi-disciplinary. Consequently, the team involves a range of 70 professionals worldwide including Biomechanists, Clinicians, Engineers, Physiotherapists, Prosthetists, Surgeons, Statisticians, Technicians, and Postdocs and Research assistants. 


Here, the term “participant” describes someone making a direct and significant contribution to the development of the project (e.g., grant, the design of the study, conception of equipments, data collection, analysis of the data, interpretation of the results, writing of publications). Most of the people in this list have co-authored one or more publications.

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