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The scope of the PROTAMINE project is to describe the biomechanical aspects associated with the load applied on the residuum of individuals with limb loss during key phases of the rehabilitation and activities of daily living.

Research interests

The PROTAMINE project has contributed to the developments of biomechanical tools (e.g., wearable kinetic system) for an evidence-based:

  • Rehabilitation program
  • Static and dynamic load bearing exercises
  • Prescription of walking aids
  • Assessment of functional outcomes
  • Fall prevention
  • Fitting of the prosthesis
  • Choice of components
  • Alignment of components
  • Design of prosthetic components for amputees fitted with:
    • A socket (e.g., knee, shock absorber, socket)
    • A fixation (e.g., implant, abutment, protective device)

Streams and sub-projects

The research activities of this project are articulated around several streams including a number of sub-projects. The research output in each sub-project can be found in the list of publications and impacts.

Stream 1: Design of wearable kinetic system

  • Sub-project 1A: Load cell and laptop
  • Sub-project 1B: Load cell and telemodem
  • Sub-project 1A: Load cell and data logger

Stream 2: Load applied on sockets

  • Sub-project 2A: Quadrilateral and Ischial Containment sockets

Stream 3: Load applied on the osseointegrated fixation

  • Sub-project 3A: Load during static load bearing exercises
  • Sub-project 3B: Load during dynamic load bearing exercises
  • Sub-project 3C: Load during walking with and without walking aids
  • Sub-project 3D: Load during walking in experimental conditions
  • Sub-project 3E: Load during standardized activities of daily living
  • Sub-project 3F: Load during activity of daily living in open environment
  • Sub-project 3G: Load during a fall

Stream 4: Effects of confounders of the load applied on the residuum

  • Sub-project 4A: Load and kinematic variables
  • Sub-project 4B: Load and EMG of the residuum

Stream 5: Developments associated with the load measurements

  • Sub-project 5A: Finite element models of osseointegrated fixation
  • Sub-project 5B: Validation of inverse dynamics equations

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