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The kinematic recording during the training sessions and the real-world events are conducted with a portable motion analysis system including two or three cameras connected to the laptop. This allows immediate visual inspection of the performance and more in-depth analyses after the session.

Portable motion analysis developed by the Performance Analysis Unit of the Australian Institute of Sport


The research activities of this project are articulated around three main opportunities to collect information.

Experimental context

  • AIS: Performance Analysis Laboratory
  • QUT: Gait laboratory

Recording session of the dynamic and kinetic aspects of the stationary thrower using forces plates, load cells, high speed cameras, three dimensional motion analysis system in the motion analysis laboratory of the Australian institute of Sport

Training sessions

  • Regular session at AIS
  • Training camps

Portable kinematic system used by Laurent Frossard and Alison O’Riordan (Left) during a training session with Greg Hibberd in F34 class (Right) in Townsville, Australia

Real-world events

  • Local
  • National (e.g., Australian Telstra Grand Prix)
  • International (IPC Athletics World Championship, Paralympic Games)

2002 Sydney Paralympic Games

2004 Athens Paralympic Games

2008 Beijing Paralympic Games

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