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Professional Certificate in Clinical Research, 2009

School of Entreprise
The University of Melbourne, Australia

  • Obtained First Class Honours

PhD in Fundamental and Applied Sciences, 1995-1998

Faculty of Physics
University of Poitiers, France

  • Obtained Honours with Distinction
  • Focus of thesis: A study of the limits of the mechanical analysis of an amputee’s gait compared to the oneb of able-bodied subject’s.

Masters Equivalency, 1993-1995

Laboratory of Motion Analysis
University of Montreal, Canada

  • The equivalency of a Master degree was obtained during two years of research for the Space Foot project at the University of Montreal.

“License” and “D.E.U.G.” (equivalent of undergraduate), 1989-1993

Faculty of sport and Physical Education
University of Poitiers, France

  • Achieved Honours marks