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About Me

I am currently Director and Chief Scientist Officer of my consulting company YourResearchProject Pty Ltd and an Adjunct Professor in several universities in Australia. 

As project leader and active researcher, my expertise in Biomechanics relates to the development of biomechanical tools and improvement of basic knowledge of:

  • Clinical biomechanics of individuals with limb loss fitted with socket-suspended or bone-anchored prostheses. Indeed, I am one of the very few independent experts in the clinical outcome of bone-anchored prostheses using osseointegrated implant.
  • Performance of athletes with a disability in motion analysis laboratories as well as during training sessions and world-class events. For instance, I have collected data from the field of play during 3 Paralympic games (Sydney, Athens, Beijing) and 2 IPC World Championships (Lille, Assen).

My academic track record includes over 170 publications, multiple grants, several supervisions of postgraduate students and international collaborations. My current citations indexes are amongst the top Biomechanists worldwide.